Published 28 August 2021

Simplification is CodeXteam's signature service. While we will deliver both technical and marketing projects, we promise to make it in the simplest way possible. Meaning no compromises on quality or performance, yet no overcomplicated architecture when it comes to IT or fluffy messaging when we do marketing part.

Complexity and technical debt is inevitable part of any IT project nowadays. However, in many big consultancies the complexity becomes a goal - just to make sure you will stay loyal customer (i.e. have no choice, but keep using professional services sold to you to navigate through the maze of code built for you).

As Chief Simplification officer my role is to make sure we simplify everything possible. And this is also a commitment from everyone on our core and extended teams. To make sure we build 1) what you've asked, 2) what you really need and 3) what you can happily utilize and build on going forward with no extra headache. In the spirit of Simplification, here is everything I wrote above in one picture:

Renat Minazhdinov

Renat Minazhdinov

Chief Simplification Officer

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